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Jawns we're hosting, or want to put you down on.

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What better way to celebrate 4 years of non-profit pay what you can classes and outreach yoga than by hosting a season of events to raise funds for expansion of our program and offerings.

This year’s annual gala 
:: I N C O G N I T O :: 
a masquerade fundraiser

:: October 28th :: 9pm :: 1520 Sasnsom St :: $10  :: 

:: live music …

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CONNECT YOGA / Spring Mojo Rising

C O N N E C T   Y O G A

Connect Yoga: Mojo Rising Workshops: 

A Kundalini Class Series with Special Guest Instructor Dr. Boyana Gligorijevic 


In Connect Yoga, Kundalini and Vinyasa styles are sprinkled with a scientist’s perspective on the Universe. (three 120 min workshops)

Mojo Rising: Springtime is the phase of awakening our senses. Mental and creative energy, …

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LiveBeYoga Logo 2017

Yoga Journal + PYF….The Live Be Yoga Tour

We’re so excited to host Yoga Journal and the 2017 Live Be Yoga Tour at Philly Yoga Factory. Join us on April 26th at 12:30pm for a special class with the Live Be Yoga Team. They will be providing gift bags and giveaways, and shooting images and video as they create a yoga travelers guide to Philadelphia.

We have a special class in store for that day featuring an all hands on deck approach …

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Mantra Meditation….coming soon to the Philly Yoga Factory

We’re thrilled to expand Yoga Philly Factory’s class offerings! Join us for a new Mantra Meditation class led by Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor, Julie Hunt.   

Starting March 15th
Every Wednesday at 6:30 – 7:00 pm  (30 Minutes)

Scientific research has proven the health benefits of meditation: less stress, better sleep, clarity of mind, emotional resilience, improved relationships, and greater vitality.

Many of us are intrigued, yet we haven’t taken the time, to …

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Yin Yogapuncture : A “Hands + Needles On” Workshop

Yin Yogapuncture  Workshop

The workshop format will be: a brief introductory discussion followed by a “hands + needles on”  yoga practice + acupuncture session culminating in vast connective tissue stretching + deep relaxation

The Yin Yoga Piece With Katelynn 

Yin yoga is the practice of seated or supine postures that are designed to slowly coax the dense connective tissue (tendons, ligaments) into malleability. It is a passive …

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PHILLY YOGA FACTORY, churning out happy healthy minds and bodies for a price everyone can afford.PYF supports the movement that Yoga is for everyone; anytime; any place; any circumstance. Through the gift of giving we bring you Philly Yoga Factory, Philly’s first all donation classes. All across the country donation based schools are making waves in their communities- Philly, this is yours.