Our Mission

PYF supports the movement that Yoga is for everyone; anytime; any place; any circumstance.  Any skill level, any background – we’re here to foster an understanding and relationship between you, and your body.

No “one week free” promotions followed by a sales pitch. No expectations that you’ll be an amazing yogi overnight. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner seeking a different vibe, or you’ve been looking for an affordable space to explore and expand your practice – all classes are open to you.

All donations, all, the time.  

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What makes us different?  Not only are the classes sustained by donation, we are taking it a step further forward;  As we grow, it is our hope to bring yoga from the studio to the community.  Stay tuned for updates on our Take it to the Streets program!

Honoring all traditions and styles of Yoga and offering a few, we are expanding.  Open your practice, explore a new tradition!

Gearing up community, one breath at a time.