C O N N E C T    Y O G A

A Kundalini-based workshop infused with a scientist’s perspective on the universe.


In the 21st century, science has stepped out of the box and started studying how complex relationships among humans and their environment influence consciousness and health. Quantum biology is coming closer to revealing how the experiences we describe as synchronicity and telepathy may work. Studies of bacteria in our gut show that these tiny creatures can make us smarter or happier. Studies of how our brain and body change after meditation are becoming commonplace.

With each discovery, contemporary science is coming closer to intuitive Buddhist thought. For most of us raised in the modern world, however, some of the ancient yogic texts may sound silly and their narratives hard to relate to. In this workshop, we will sprinkle yogic concepts with scientific thinking to make their convergence obvious and logical.

 T H I S    W O R K S H O P

I S   A N   E X P E R I M E N T

About the workshop:  We will begin with a short dharma talk and a chant. This will be followed by pranayama exercises and kundalini set focused on spine and lower back. Open level.

About the Instructor: Boyana is a Professor of Bioengineering at Temple University. Her laboratory studies the complex role of environment in the behavior and fate of cells.

Sunday January 22nd, 12-1:45 pm

INVESTMENT: $15 in advance, $20 at the event


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