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Meditate Your Action

A bi-monthly meditation meet-up
Hosted by Katy Kopnitsky + Emily Tara Sabalbaro of Philly Yoga Factory

Your path to action is uniquely yours, MYA hopes to help you clear it. 

Guided meditation + group discussion
Donations welcome.  All levels class.

Visit the MYA Facebook page for details, dates, and updates.

Meditate Your Action will hold the space, so you can fill it with what you want to manifest in the world.

New to meditation? All …

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Be Well Philly

Thanks Philly!

We’ve been nominated as the “Best Yoga Studio for the Cash Strapped” here in Philly. We’ll take it!

Our classes are all donation, all the time. Don’t even have cash to be strapped with? No worries – attend anyway. No cash or a mat to strap? We’ve still got you covered!

There is no yoga perfect, only your yoga practice. Come practice with us.

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