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CONNECT YOGA: The Universe is a Single Atom

C O N N E C T    Y O G A

A Kundalini-based workshop infused with a scientist’s perspective on the universe.


In the 21st century, science has stepped out of the box and started studying how complex relationships among humans and their environment influence consciousness and health. Quantum biology is coming closer to revealing how the experiences we describe as synchronicity …

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Yin Yogapuncture : A “Hands + Needles On” Workshop

Yin Yogapuncture  Workshop

The workshop format will be: a brief introductory discussion followed by a “hands + needles on”  yoga practice + acupuncture session culminating in vast connective tissue stretching + deep relaxation

The Yin Yoga Piece With Katelynn 

Yin yoga is the practice of seated or supine postures that are designed to slowly coax the dense connective tissue (tendons, ligaments) into malleability. It is a passive …

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Meditate Your Action

A bi-monthly meditation meet-up
Hosted by Katy Kopnitsky + Emily Tara Sabalbaro of Philly Yoga Factory

Your path to action is uniquely yours, MYA hopes to help you clear it. 

Guided meditation + group discussion
Donations welcome.  All levels class.

Visit the MYA Facebook page for details, dates, and updates.

Meditate Your Action will hold the space, so you can fill it with what you want to manifest in the world.

New to meditation? All …

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