Saturday August 29th


About The Workshop ::

Join Emile Sorger on Saturday, August 29th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm for an opportunity to refine your technique and develop fundamental confidence. In this two hour workshop students will examine the building blocks of how to stand both on the feet and on the hands with specific attention devoted towards that development of posture that is strong and stable as well as upright and open. As a student you will be asked to work hard and with precision, strengthening the central postural muscles in the pelvis and

Emile_Sorger1-300x300abdomen as well as peripheral muscles, joints and ligaments. The workshop will include traditional yoga postures and sequences as well as techniques drawn from the circus art of handbalancing. Over the course of two hours we will utilize supports such as working in groups, partners and the help of the wall and move towards greater confidence as we develop the ability to stand independently on our hands, feet or however else we choose.

Although no direct handstand or inversion experience is necessary, we recomend that students who would like to attend the workshop to have at least 6 months of previous yoga experience.

About Emile ::

Emile practices yoga as a discipline, a conversation and a celebration of being. He began in the womb of his mother as a mysterious intelligence assembled his body in a profoundly elegant and organized way. Emile’s childhood was characterized by inexhaustible physical energy coupled with a very serious interest in stillness and introspection, exemplified by his proclivity for climbing trees and sitting for long stretches in their highest branch. His formal yoga training began in 2005 at Goucher College where he studied yoga asana alongside meditation and religious texts. Resolving to immerse himself in spiritual learning Emile traveled to India in 2007 to study meditation, Tibetan language and Buddhist Philosophy. It was there that he developed a profound respect and appreciation for the potential for human evolution through the contemplative disciplines of meditation and yoga. After returning, he graduated college with a B.A. in comparative religions and enrolled in Charm City Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher training program. There in Baltimore he studied under Kim Manfredi and Will Walter who were able to guide him towards a more accurate and imaginative understanding of his physical form and ability to express his insights effectively. Since then has been greatly influenced by New York City teachers Dharma Mittra, Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin who continued to expand his understanding of the role and efficacy of yoga beyond its obvious applications. Since moving to Philadelphia in 2012 Emile has varied his approach to encompass a broader range of physical and spiritual practices, these include over a year of dedicated training in hand-balancing with Lin Junming of the Fu Jian Circus in China as well as over two years time involved in the 3 Doors Academy, a secular meditation Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 7.11.43 PMprogram that centers around personal, professional and community transformation. His classes integrate traditional yoga sequencing with contemporary mythology, music and inspiration with the aim of creating a space in which students can discover and express themselves in their particular and universal form.


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