We’re thrilled to expand Yoga Philly Factory’s class offerings! Join us for a new Mantra Meditation class led by Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor, Julie Hunt.   

Starting March 15th

Every Wednesday at 6:30 – 7:00 pm  (30 Minutes)

Scientific research has proven the health benefits of meditation: less stress, better sleep, clarity of mind, emotional resilience, improved relationships, and greater vitality.


Many of us are intrigued, yet we haven’t taken the time, to learn what meditation is, how to do it, or how to make it a regular part of our lives. Or perhaps you have tried, but silencing the incessant activity going on in your mind seems impossible.


You’re not alone.


Julie brings Deepak Chopra’s proven mantra meditation technique to the studio for both beginner and experienced meditators. Best of all, she swears anyone and everyone can meditate! (Pinky promise.)

 The only sure way to fail at meditation, is to not try.

Julie will show you how simple mediation really is. Join her for Meditation Wednesdays starting on March 15th at 6:30 – 7:00 pm. 

  • Escape from thought. (Yep, it’s possible!)
  • Retreat from the day’s stress. (So yummy.)
  • Feel the calm. Ommmmmmm
  • Leave uplifted and empowered!

Cultivate your desire for more health, love, joy, peace, and connection through the regular practice of meditation. All the good stuff of life that you desire starts in the quiet moments of present awareness.

Julie’s personality is curious and playful. She approaches this basic mediation class with humor and radical informality. There are no rules. Just moments of making friends with yourself, the yoga community, silence within and all of life.

 Beginner and experienced meditators welcome. No experience required.

As always, this class is offered by donation / pay what you can. While we suggest $5-10 donation, no one will be refused.

About the instructor

Julie Hunt

Julie Hunt empowers people to awaken their confidence, purpose, and true self.

She shares expert guidance on how to meditate, what to do when thoughts arise, and how you can easily integrate meditation into your life to start enjoying the many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Twenty-five years ago, Julie started a committed yoga practice. Along the way, she incorporated energy healing work, mind-body practices, and meditation instruction into her work. She has inspired thousands of people as a writer, entrepreneur, coach, teacher, and leader working with Deepak Chopra and many of today’s most influential thought leaders to create life-transforming eLearning programs.

All of her teachings paths ultimately lead to the same destination: health and happiness. When you cut through the noise, chaos, and daily distractions, you allow the mind and body to return to its natural state of bliss and pure potential.

FREE/By Donation

Wednesdays at 6:30 – 7:00 pm  

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