Yin Yogapuncture  Workshop

The workshop format will be: a brief introductory discussion followed by a “hands + needles on”  yoga practice + acupuncture session culminating in vast connective tissue stretching + deep relaxation

The Yin Yoga Piece With Katelynn 

Yin yoga is the practice of seated or supine postures that are designed to slowly coax the dense connective tissue (tendons, ligaments) into malleability. It is a passive practice and the postures are held for 3-5 minutes. With guidance and understanding gained from this workshop, students will be able to posturally tap into internal pharmacology, or channels known as the meridians.   

The Acupuncture Piece With Daniel  

The acupuncture points lie within these meridians and when they become blocked, disease process is possible.  Acupuncture uses small, disposable needles to help unblock and re-direct energy currents, or chi.  Building on the deep relaxation achieved in the yin practice, participants will receive an abridged acupuncture treatment.   

R E N E W      R E C O V E R     R E S T O R E

About Katelynn - Katelynn Ingersoll is certified in Bikram (hatha) and yin yoga.  She is a an Ayurvedic practitioner with a background in education and a passion for the science of caring.  She is the director of Hot Yoga Philadelphia, a practicing partner at Half Moon Ayurveda, and an eternal student.  

About Daniel - Daniel Tague is a NCCAOM certified, practicing acupuncturist who holds a Master’s degree in acupuncture from the Won Institute. He is a practicing partner at Half Moon and wishes to apply his background in visual arts and child care to create a safe, comfortable and fun environment for healing. 

Sunday January 8th, 12-3pm

Investment: $40 in advance, $50 at the event

Limited capacity : 8 students


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